25 Sensory-Friendly Holiday Activities for Individuals with Autism

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For individuals with special needs, the holidays can be exciting, but equally challenging – with issues such as overstimulation, disruption of routine, travel stress, unexpected guests, lack of personal space, etc.

Nevertheless, it is possible to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding holiday season if these things are kept in mind, and you can plan accordingly. To help, we’ve created a 25 holiday activities that are designed to be enjoyable, sensory-friendly, and accommodating for individuals with autism.

  1. Holiday Crafting Session: Engage in simple, tactile crafts like making holiday cards or decorating ornaments with textures that are pleasant to touch.
  2. Baking Together: Bake cookies or other treats, allowing for hands-on mixing and decorating.
  3. Nature Walks: Enjoy a peaceful walk in a nearby park, focusing on the natural sounds and sights of the season.
  4. Storytelling Time: Read holiday-themed books in a quiet, cozy environment.
  5. Music Session with Soft Melodies: Play or listen to soft, calming holiday music.
  6. Sensory-Friendly Movie Night: Choose a movie with minimal loud noises or bright flashes. Keep the room lighting dim and comfortable.
  7. Create a Sensory Box: Fill a box with various safe, holiday-themed items to explore through touch.
  8. Holiday Themed Sensory Bins: Create bins with items like fake snow, pine cones, and other textured items.
  9. Decorate a Quiet Space: Have a special area where holiday decorations can be enjoyed in a more controlled, serene environment.
  10. Puzzle Time: Work on a holiday-themed puzzle in a quiet room.
  11. Holiday Light Viewing: Drive or walk through neighborhoods with holiday lights, ensuring to avoid overly flashy displays.
  12. Simple Cooking Projects: Make simple holiday dishes, focusing on the process and sensory experiences.
  13. Gentle Holiday Yoga: Try yoga with movements themed around winter and the holidays.
  14. Create a Holiday Sensory Bag: Fill a bag with various textures and soft holiday items.
  15. Indoor Snowball Fight: Use soft, plush snowballs for a gentle indoor snowball fight.
  16. Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Organize a simple scavenger hunt with clear and manageable tasks.
  17. Visit a Quiet Santa: Some places offer quiet, sensory-friendly visits with Santa.
  18. Create a Holiday Collage: Use holiday-themed magazines or pictures to make a collage.
  19. Holiday Planting Activity: Plant winter plants or create a small indoor garden.
  20. Make a Holiday-Themed Sensory Bottle: Fill a bottle with glitter, water, and holiday items.
  21. Themed Dress-Up Day: Dress up in comfortable holiday-themed clothes.
  22. Create a Calming Holiday Playlist: Compile a list of soothing holiday tunes.
  23. Relaxation and Breathing Exercises: Practice holiday-themed relaxation techniques.
  24. Holiday Memory Book: Create a book with pictures and notes about favorite holiday moments.
  25. Build a Fort: Construct a cozy, holiday-themed fort using blankets and pillows.

These activities are designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs and preferences of individuals with autism, ensuring a joyful and inclusive holiday experience.

What else should go on this list? Do you have ideas for how your family spends the holidays that we’re missing? Let us know!

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