Respite Services


Respite Services

Introduction: At Building Block Resolutions, we understand the challenges families face. Our Respite services are designed to provide temporary relief for primary caregivers, allowing you to take a break while ensuring your loved one receives the care they deserve.

What is Respite?: Respite services offer short-term breaks for families and caregivers of individuals with special needs, ensuring they receive continuous and quality care. Whether it’s for a few hours or a few days, our trained professionals are here to help.

Benefits of Respite:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your loved one is in safe hands.
  • Recharge: Take some time for yourself, whether it’s for relaxation or attending to other responsibilities.
  • Quality Care: Our trained professionals ensure your loved one’s needs are met.

How Respite Works:

  1. Inquiry: Reach out to us to discuss your needs.
  2. Assessment: We evaluate the needs of the individual requiring care.
  3. Match: We match you with a trained professional suited to your requirements.
  4. Service: Our professional provides the care needed, giving you the break you deserve.

Payment Information: Our Respite services are typically funded by the local Regional Center. For more details on payment and funding options, please contact us.

How to Get Our Services: Interested in our Respite services? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Contact us at or call 424-272-5238


Q: How long can I use Respite services? A: The duration varies based on individual needs. Contact us for more details.


Friendly Staff

We are dedicated to the core values of providing compassionate, collaborative, and fun services to our clients.


Q: Are your professionals trained? A: Yes, all our professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure quality care

Why Choose Us

We accept most insurances and the Regional Centers including NLARC. We Only Hire Professional & Caring Staff. We specialize in employee Training Solutions in the USA, Autism treatment and crisis management.


Respite Services


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